5 Ways to Prevent COVID-19 With Your Own Immune System

Simple life hacks that can save your life! Stop the Coronavirus before it has a chance.

COLLEYVILLE, Texas - Txylo -- From the onset of COVID-19 we've received questions that run the spectrum. To put it simply, there are things you can do right now to strengthen your immune function and create a strong resistance to any viral infection. 5 ways you can start today:
1. Take vitamins E & D - naturally improve immune function and early trials have been positive vs. people who don't take supplements
2. Exercise and keep the lungs healthy - this doesn't mean strenuous weights; in fact weight lifting over stresses our bodies and weakens the immune system
3. Sleep - understated fact that sleep is required to fight off any virus; it heals and rebuilds our immune strength
4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods - eat the rainbow and choose fruits and veggies that are purple in color for maximum effectiveness

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5. Reduce your stress level and stay calm

These steps sound simple but far too many people are not doing them. We offer a range of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine solutions to help keep you safe and improve your immune function.

Vitality Wellness Clinic provides acupuncture services to citizens of Coppell, Texas. Our goal is to restore our patient's health by creating customized treatment plans for each person, remove the root cause of problems from the inside out, prevent future imbalances and symptoms, and restore our natural youthful state God intended us to have.


Zareena Samidon

Source: Vitality Wellness Clinic
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