An Overview of Google Translate vs Human Spanish Translation Services

DALLAS - Txylo -- The Hispanic world comprises of 21 countries sprinkled across the globe. To understand the Latino audience and convey messages effectively, you need to speak Spanish. Google provides only 80% accuracy when it comes to translation since it picks up only the most known and understandable words to translate for you. If you want your files to be translated from Spanish to English or vice versa, one should keep in mind the accuracy level that is provided.
Introduction of Google's Gender Biased Translation Service

Google has taken up a new development of Google Translate that concerns potential gender bias translation. When gender biased terms such as 'doctor' or 'nurse' are unknown, Google Translate from now will ensure that they offer both masculine and feminine translations instead of the masculine version alone. This applies mainly to Spanish Translation and the Latin derived languages (French, Italian and Portuguese). Google translate helps in alignment of gender perceived words like these to create gender equality and neutral language terms.  These Spanish Translation Services are absolutely free and cost nothing.

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The disadvantages of Free 'No-cost-Translation'

Instinctive, prompt, and most favourably – FREE!

Google Translate allures a lot of businesses to use their digital tool instead of human translators to make them avoid heavy expenses towards translation. But Google Translate contains many hidden costs that may harm a business's credibility and privacy that are not openly seen to the public. Here are a few reasons why Google Translate cannot match Human Translation:

Not accessible to all kinds of translations

Many businesses are wanting to translate language-oriented files. Let us say your business has to translate Spanish files. We have to remember that Google Translate does not provide Certified Spanish Translation Services. Certified translations are provided by a service company where the translator issues a Certificate of Accuracy or the company guarantees that the translation is a faithful copy of the source or original text. This is a huge miss in Google Translate as it is an automated service. Hence, you are not accessible to services like Spanish Birth Certificate Translation or Marriage Certificate Translation.

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Google Translate is not safe

All your documents that are being translated on Google Translate permits access to all texts that are translated in its tool for learning purposes. This helps Google in statistical learning process of the tool. Important documents such as financial contracts, legal documents, patient records, business and patent files etc are open to Google corporation. While in professional companies, you are entitled to receive 100% security and confidentiality on all Spanish Translation Services ( These companies help you with an NDA agreement signed by both parties to avoid any mishap on your important documents.

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