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Paving the path to the ultimate design experience for businesses and consumers alike. Our vast array of fine art can be tailored to fit any hotel brand and interior atmospheres alike.

DALLAS - Txylo -- Our publishing and production business model grants us with the opportunity to work closely with award-winning creative minds whose backgrounds range from painting to designing and beyond! Our continuous research and development derives from a harmony of careful attention to art laws regarding proper legal compliance of our print materials. The average consumer is buying and replacing purchased décor products often due to work made with lower quality materials.

A majority of consumers – even industry professionals, confuse limited edition prints as depreciative purchases to be discarded. In 2018, the EPA reported that an average of 9.8 million tons of furniture accumulate in landfills per year. In an effort to decrease that statistic, Artistic Transfer's Artist Limited Edition giclées are crafted far above consumer-grade standards, and are worthy of museum-quality for preservation and continuous appreciation.

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All giclées are hand-crafted to perfection with only the finest materials in the US. The attention to detail and quality of their creations offer exclusive products that only a few collectors and corporations can appreciate. With a similar sense of "good taste", those of whom can spend the additional cost, without breaking their budget can proudly exemplify their fine art investment. The potential to enjoy the artwork exceeds beyond a lifetime and offers the opportunity to deed down the giclées to the next generation or in fact, give it to a charitable organization for tax benefits.

For interior designers and architects, the importance of fire and health codes is imperative to the successful completion of their work. Since regulations differ from consumer (residential) and commercial grade manufacturing, we provide a first class finished product fit for all industry professionals who can then educate clients of the health, safety, and sustainability of product advantages to bear the best economic impact for a family or Fortune 500 company. We offer these services and more as our goal is to build long-lasting relationships fostering loyalty, recognition, and customer experience. Of course, the aesthetic appeal is an added bonus!

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Aligning with ASID has given us a variety of opportunities, one of those being the chance to teach at the Artistic Transfer showroom during Dallas Design Week, premiering in September. As a result, we are now the perceived official fine art leader in the fine art arena and we are excited to share our knowledge, vision and quality to the market!

Lillian Powell

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