Average American Spends $78 On Jewelry Annually, Finds New CWC Jewelry Market Study

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NEW YORK - Txylo -- According to a new in-depth jewelry market statistics study by CWC, the average American spends $78.14 on jewelry each year. The amount translates into 2.9 work hours worth of jewelry. Interestingly, the average household jewelry expenditure is significantly higher at $434.3.
  • In 2020, the average American jewelry expenditure fell 35% compared to the previous year, suggesting companies across the jewelry market felt the impacts of the pandemic.
  • Millennials spend an average of $203 on jewelry every year in the United States. The average millennial spends 157.9% more on jewelry than the average American. Although millennials account for 23% of the total world population, they make up 57% of all jewelry expenditure globally.
  • The largest spenders are found in Gen X (45-54 age group), where the average person spends a whopping $304.6 on jewelry each year.

Key Jewelry Market Demographic Findings

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In addition to age groups, the study also uncovered the most frequent jewelry buyers categorized by gender, marital status, and country.
  • 56% of women have bought some jewelry during their lives, as opposed to 46% of men, suggesting women buy more jewelry than men.
  • 55% of all jewelry purchases are made by married people, while single individuals account for 30% and people in a relationship only 12%.
  • Hong Kong leads the world with $1288.4 of annual jewelry revenue generated per capita. Singapore and the United States follow Hong Kong at $439.6 and $187.4, respectively.
Learn more about the jewelry market statistics study and discover the best-selling jewelry categories and the true value, including costs and margins of jewelry today.

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