Bertolli and Carapelli Launch Initiatives to Transform Sustainability of the Olive Oil Category Worldwide

DALLAS, May 17, 2023 ~ Deoleo, the global leader in olive oil, has taken a major step forward in its sustainability strategy with the launch of new SKUs of the Bertolli and Carapelli brands that offer sustainability assurances to consumers nationwide.

The new SKUs will include sustainably sourced versions of Bertolli and Carapelli extra virgin olive oils — "Bertolli Sustainably Sourced" and "Carapelli Original Sustainable" respectively. Deoleo is also introducing a new QR code technology in partnership with IBM that provides consumers additional layers of process traceability in the journey of "Carapelli 100% ITALIAN" from tree to table.

Thierry Moyroud, CEO of Deoleo North America, said: "As the world's largest olive oil company, we have a responsibility to our heritage, our industry and most importantly, our consumers to deliver sustainability. We will continue to drive toward this goal through a holistic approach that addresses every step of the process. The sustainability conversation is multifaceted, and while these new SKUs are significant, they represent a small part of our global vision."

At the heart of Deoleo's sustainability strategy are four areas of action materialized through its brands and under the theme of "Caring for What Cares for You": sustainable production; recycled plastic bottles; transparency and traceability; and greener factories.

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In 2018, in collaboration with Intertek, a leading total quality assurance provider, Deoleo established the industry's first-ever Sustainability Protocol for extra virgin olive oil products. To date, 70 olive oil mills and nearly 680,000 acres of olive groves across Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Argentina have received certification.

Deoleo is also transitioning to 100 percent recycled plastic (rPET). In 2022, Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil became the first global brand to launch olive oil packaged in 100% rPET in the U.S., with plans to reduce plastic consumption by up to 10 percent each year globally.

The company is also reinforcing its commitment to transparency by empowering consumers with knowledge through IBM Food Trust technology which enables them to trace their product's journey from tree to table.

In addition, Deoleo continues to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through various measures such as investments in energy-efficient technologies as well as energy consumption audits and viability studies. PreZero has already deemed Deoleo's Tavernelle and Alcolea plants "Zero waste plants'' with plans for photovoltaic panels at Alcolea plant by 2023.

Moyroud concluded: "Our framework is built upon the value that action speaks volumes. To that end, we will remain laser focused on delivering tangible innovation and initiatives that don't solely respond to market trends but rather transform sustainability of the entire olive oil category worldwide."
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