Bulldog Mobile Billboards Newest Advertising Truck - The BESTie

See how the the Bulldog Experiential and Sampling Truck can help with your experiential marketing campaigns!

DALLAS - Txylo -- Meet The BESTie

Meet our latest addition to the Bulldog Billboards fleet; the Bulldog Experiential and Sampling Truck (The BESTie for short). The BESTie has it all, combining three of the best advertising tactics in one bundle that can give you the best advertising boost yet! The first one? The oversized van provides real estate for branding via vinyl wrap. The second is a retail slide-out display system that can help promote your physical products. You can pass out frozen treats, swag or collateral material from the service window. From the slide out you can promote, display, even sell your product line. The third is our personal favorite; build a lovable brand by handing out frozen treats to your customers through the large service window.

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Although we don't usually rent our fleet of advertising rucks, the BESTie business plan includes a lease-by-the-month option.

Benefits Of Business Vinyl Vehicle Wraps and Experiential Marketing

Branding with business vinyl vehicle wraps is a marketing campaign that isn't nearly used enough but is highly effective for brands. The benefits of using vehicles to advertise your company are endless, with companies quickly growing their audience and customers through both vehicle wraps and experiential marketing.

With Americans being on the road more than ever, always going somewhere or taking transportation to their new destination, it's nearly impossible for your branding to be missed on the side of vehicles. By displaying your company or ads for it on the side of vehicles, you can reach a wider audience regardless of their direct location.

Now, how about experiential marketing and its benefits? Experiential marketing is one of the smartest marketing moves that companies can make since many customers buy products after they've had the chance to really assess them. How many times have you sniffed the lotion or perfume before you bought it in the store? It's a lot better than buying it blindly online, right?

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Experiential marketing allows potential customers to try out products and sample them before they buy them. This means that customers have the opportunity to feel, touch, smell, and hear an object before they decide to purchase it. Being able to physically assess the quality of a product before buying it is an amazing marketing technique and highly effective.

If you're interested in renting the BESTie or interested in any of the rest of the Bulldog fleet advertising vehicles, give Rod Collins a call at (214) 724 - 2729 or visit https://bulldogbillboards.com Trust us when we tell you that this could be your smartest advertising move yet!

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