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RICHMOND, Texas - Txylo -- The Commander of the LORD's asked Joshua, "Are you a friend or foe?" and he responded, "Neither one."  This is very similar to the "burning bush" moment Moses had with God before finding the courage to return to Egypt.  Many people think Moses had a stuttering problem but Stephen remembered Moses as powerful in both speech and actions.  This moment has captured my thoughts recently as I shared this that Sunday morning on the ranch.  I understand the dynamic between being a situational leader (Moses) and being a natural born leader. (Joshua).  Better said, the character difference of needing to be told "when to lead" (Moses) or having to learn "when not to lead" in a situation. (Joshua).  I can also appreciate the encouragement of the natural born leader being told to be "strong and courageous" as there were 31 kings that were needing to be defeated before Gods people would receive their choice portion of the promise land.  Lastly I've been illuminated with Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh as they already had received their rest but came out of their rest and assisted the other tribes in getting their rest before they could return back to their rest.

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Joshua who had just circumcised an entire nation with a flint knife under the Lords still, silent voice of guidance was a miracle.  The part that escaped my understanding was how after Joshua had followed God's commands past "normal thinking" he was still considered to be "neither" a friend or a foe to the Commander of the LORD's army. Obviously our good deeds are but "filthy rags" and are "counted as dung" in the eyes of the Lord.  Joshua fell to the ground in reverence and asked, "What do you want your servant to do."

Taking off your sandals and shaking the dust from a town from your sandals represented the past, what you've done, where you've been or where you came from.  It's a correlation simply put as "not bringing your past into your future."  The Lord creates all things new again and again.  A new day, a new way of thinking, a new life to live, a new opportunity to take advantage of, a new message from God with a new fire that's burning inside of us right now.  What it must be like to be a real soldier in the LORD's army!  We must not reflect on whether we're friends or foes but rather find the holy ground between us and God and seek to follow his commandment which is to love.

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