Croft Production Announces Portfolio Expansion & Diversification with Innovative Drilling Solutions

NEEDVILLE, Texas - Txylo -- Needville, Texas Croft Production, a leading energy equipment and solutions provider, is pleased to announce its portfolio expansion and diversification with the introduction of advanced technologies for drilling and eFracking gas units. These innovative solutions help operators save on operational costs while promoting environmental sustainability.

The drilling industry is constantly seeking ways to optimize efficiency and reduce expenses. Croft Production's Fuel gas conditioning skids are being utilized for Dual Fuel drilling rig generators that have seen significant cost-saving opportunities for drillers, with up to 50% diesel displacement in these applications. By incorporating dual fuel technology, operators can reduce emissions and experience less field traffic, contributing to a greener and more sustainable drilling process.

With the recent increase in diesel prices and the simultaneous decrease in natural gas prices, dual fuel economics have become even more favorable. Recognizing this trend, Croft Production has expanded its offerings to meet the growing demand for dual-fuel options.

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Croft Production's solutions have gained significant traction in the fracking industry, with a notable client base that includes industry leaders such as BJ Energy, Liberty, and Profrac. These companies have embraced Croft Production's equipment, supplied directly or through their respective suppliers, to process their operations effectively. The market outlook for fracking remains promising, with an expectation for sustained activity throughout the rest of the year.

In addition to the advancements in fueling solutions, Croft Production has expanded its product line to address other critical aspects of the drilling and fracking process with a compatible mobile JT plant to help separate natural gas, oil, or water before entering the fuel-gas conditioning trailer. Clients can benefit from reduced emissions and maintenance requirements while meeting the fuel specifications needs of drilling and frack fleets producing significant amounts of liquids, such as those in the Eagle Ford and Permian basins.

Croft Production remains committed to innovation and sustainability within the energy industry. The company's expanded portfolio of advanced solutions for drilling eFracking gas units reflects its dedication to meeting the market's evolving needs. Croft Production continues to establish itself as a leading provider in the field by providing cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and efficient equipment and services.

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About Croft Production: Croft Production is a renowned energy equipment provider and solutions dedicated to offering innovative products and services to the drilling industry. Focusing on sustainability and operational efficiency, Croft Production delivers advanced fueling, cooling, and gas processing technologies, helping operators optimize their operations while minimizing environmental impact.

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