"Films and Casts" looks at "JFK" & "Ruby"

Oliver Stone's "JFK" proposes the assassination of the 35th US president was clearly a conspiracy. But why did Jack Rubenstein, aka Jack Ruby, shoot the 2nd most notorious murder suspect in American history? The film "Ruby" proposes an interesting answer.
60 year anniversary of JFK's presidential inauguration.

DALLAS - Txylo -- "Films and Casts JFK" takes a look at the 1991 film's proposition that JFK was assassinated not only because he was a maverick, and not only because he was intent on implementing his society-changing views, but because he actually began to do so.

The film lays out the orchestration that had to have occurred in order for the assassination to be successful, suggests the types of players that had to have approved and abetted the plot for the ambush to be successful, and suggests why it was deemed necessary by them to carry out the sinister act. In proposing this, the film dismantles the Warren Commission finding that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, committed the act, and submits instead it was undoubtedly a conspiracy.

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The show, hosted by Abraham Doe and airing on YouTube, also looks at "Ruby," which pieces together the tortured existence of the former Chicagoan in suggesting why he would kill the most notorious murder suspect since John Wilkes Boothe.

Abraham Doe produced and released in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the episodic "Trial 2020." The courtroom drama, which aired on AZTV-7 Phoenix, on Amazon Prime, and is now available on YouTube, focuses on America's loss of moral, ethical direction in self-managing itself. The loss of sight foments into the beginning of a tectonic socio-political shift in the year 2020, which indeed was witnessed. After completing accounting and international business studies in NYC and working on Wall Street, Doe has pursued a corporate process improvement career, law studies in Los Angeles, and film production.

Airing 11/22/21, 3PM EST.
JFK, Ruby: https://youtu.be/jfoXofaTkP0

Trial 2020 (The bizarre year): https://youtu.be/lZwF2Px2gUk

Episode Guide: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15722160/?ref_=tte...
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