Fit 3D - Documenting the Anti-Aging Journey of CourMed Founder/CEO through Resurgence Wellness

MCKINNEY, Texas - Txylo -- CourMed Founder and CEO, Derrick L. Miles, has engaged Resurgence Wellness to become a more effective executive through their anti-aging program. Miles is using Fit 3D technology at Resurgence Wellness to create the baseline for his health and become a more effective executive.

Fit 3D technology is a cutting-edge tool that provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual's body composition, including measurements of body fat, lean mass, and posture.  Resurgence Wellness is a leading provider of anti-aging and wellness services that help individuals optimize their health and wellness. Miles believes that Fit 3D technology will help him optimize his health and wellness, which will in turn make him a more effective executive. By creating a baseline for his health, he can track his progress over time and make informed decisions about his diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

In addition to Miles, Bryan Johnson, the founder of Blueprint, a leading neurotech company, is also a client of Resurgence Wellness. Johnson is using Resurgence Wellness to optimize his cognitive performance and improve his overall health and wellness.

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Resurgence Wellness offers a range of anti-aging and wellness services, including IV therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and cognitive performance optimization. The company's team of experts uses cutting-edge technology and personalized treatment plans to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

"We are thrilled to have both Derrick Miles and Bryan Johnson as clients of Resurgence Wellness," said a spokesperson for the company. "Our team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals optimize their health and wellness, and we are proud to be working with two of the most innovative and successful executives in the industry.

CourMed is a Dallas-based startup that is a concierge health services company.. The company has been revolutionizing the healthcare space since its founding in 2018 by providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. CourMed has enCOURaged customers across the globe, and Miles is dedicated to using technology to streamline concierge health and wellness, give busy professionals their time back, and provide encouraging experiences for their clients.

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