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Introducing Soul Harmonics COSMIC CLASSROOM with your Ascension Educator, Mentor & Spiritual Guide, Jenna Ajna Love

SEDONA, Ariz. - Txylo -- Ascension Educator, Mentor & Spiritual Guide, Jenna Ajna Love, is an Indigo Starseed who serves as a conduit of Source energy to assist the souls of humanity in the remembrance and activation of one's divine blueprint and highest spiritual embodiment.

Soul Harmonics Cosmic Classroom classroom consists of Ascension Education and New Earth teachings for consciousness expansion, DNA & Lightbody activation, and spiritual harmonizing of your multidimensionality and divine angelic template.  We will be exploring the depths of your mind, body, soul and spirit in an extensive and advanced curriculum designed to catapult your healing and spiritual ascension journey through deep gnosis of your soul through remembrance and activation of the innate love, light, wisdom and power that you hold within your very own spiritual temple.  When you enter this cosmic realm you will be guided through an array of free wisdom teachings on spirituality, spiritual science, quantum mechanics, shadow & polarity integration, wisdom of the stars, astrology, cosmic & galactic history and New Earth lessons all encoded with Solar Christ activation codes through your direct engagement and real life application with these teachings.

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