From Coronavirus to Roe vs. Wade, who did it?

How a corporate turn and a political arena collided to change the world

AUSTIN, Texas - Txylo -- It all started with a corporation in Texas, who agreed, when asked if they can use a business manager and his team, to break the United States infrastructure. This corporate employer took full advantage of a deeply rooted political "game". It's about time that people wake up to who caused the United States infrastructure to fall.

Often times, people who serve within the political sphere of influence, including senators, governors and chamber members, are presented with a choice to either accept an agreement that would risk the United States infrastructure, as a way to increase their power and influence, or they can deny it if they are not politically sound enough to handle such a challenge, also indicating that they are capable of making good decisions. A corporation was presented with the same choice in 2019 and almost immediately agreed, causing a domino effect in the United States and the world. As a direct result, the world experienced a virus, mass riots, a war between Russia and Ukraine, and the fall of Roe vs. Wade. When there's a reckless corporation in influential roles across politics and business, it's a recipe for disaster, especially if they are not aware of what may come while they've ventured into an unknown. A corporation agreed to 'playing' with the US infrastructure, causing teams to disregard business practices for a business decision that intersected with deep political theory.

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Having agreed to 'play' with the United States infrastructure, the world became a consequence of this decision, seen with coronavirus, and that has impacted people on a microeconomic level. While the rest of the world continues to endure the consequences of such a game, business seems to be oblivious to the consequences that resulted as a direct handling of their best practices. Many people have been blamed along the way and received fatal consequences, as a result. While we continue to protest about the series of events that have occurred, it may not seem apparent that it's for the greater good, but rather for a budding, business team who crossed over into a greater political sphere.

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