GGHTx, Avi Kerendian Announces Global Health Collaboration with Zidan Benevolence International

Avi Kerendian, GGHTx and Zidan Benevolence International announce a collaborative project for the development of an AIDS free Ugandan society through The GGHTx Stigma Project.

HOUSTON - Txylo -- GGHTx and Zidan Benevolence International announce a collaborative project for the development of an AIDS-free Ugandan society through The GGHTx Stigma Project.

Safe global health environments, which were considered a dream of the future, are rapidly becoming a reality. To further transform that dream into a reality, public health nonprofits like GGHTx are actively pursuing means to engage and transform the lives of the rural villagers they help treat. Recently, the global health nonprofit announced the launch of The Stigma Project in partnership with Zidan Benevolence International. The announcement was made during the 2020 GGHTx flagship event led by co-founder, Avi Kerendian.

The purpose of this collaboration is the development of a safe and healthy HIV/AIDS-free community for the people of Uganda. The entire Ugandan community will be greatly able to benefit from this global health partnership since it will introduce unique and innovative methods that will be new to the preventative public health and global health space. The GGHTx projects will offer the right medical supplies, volunteers, and healthcare professionals to eliminate stigma and vamp up the fight against pediatric HIV/AIDS. This would include disease awareness, disease prevention, professional community and adolescent education, while improving healthcare access and treatment services for underserved and vulnerable populations throughout central Uganda.

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To power the entire project, Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder of GGHTx will form an all-inclusive network of prepared volunteers in the professional implementation of the project's educational awareness and destigmatization HIV/AIDS model. The GGHTx delegation will undergo pre-travel orientation with GGHTx staff and arrival training at the partnership's center and in collaboration with local professionals at Zidan Benevolence International.

GGHTx will help facilitate HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and destigmatization by helping inspire leadership within local communities and schools in response to the recent rebound in HIV, especially amongst pediatrics. Specifically, GGHTx will work in partnership with Zidan Benevolence International, a community organization, in communities within the Buikwe District (central Uganda) ( to support people living with and at high risk of HIV. Barring financial considerations, Uganda's rebound in HIV/AIDS is still partly due to individual and community unawareness, neglect, and complacency in prevention strategies that are, unfortunately, still affecting community members in significant numbers.

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