House of Panther launches at NFT Boutique during Tulum Crypto Fest

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A Whimsical Digital Collectible Collection for Positive Planetary Impact

NEW YORK & TULUM, Mexico - Txylo -- The NFT Boutique, by Unlockable Content Agency is pleased to announce the launch and exclusive viewing party of The House of Panther digital collectibles making a positive impact on the world. The collection by New York artist Natiya Kreckeli featuring 4,444 PFP panthers will be previewed at an exclusive viewing party at the NFT Boutique in Tulum and will be minted on May 5 during the Tulum Crypto Fest public sale.

House of Panther has a whimsical and vibrant aesthetic, features 19 unique traits, and is paired with a compelling storyline that tells the powerful and parallel story of a species of panthers that, like humans, have lost their connection to nature. The collection follows their mystical journey to reclaim their ancestral wisdom, and become stewards of their environment and caretakers of wildlife and biodiversity. House of Panther has a real-life utility that contributes to positive planetary action by supporting biodiversity, conservation, and the protection of endangered jaguars and other animals in Mexico.

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According to recent estimates by the Mexican government, there are around 4,800 jaguars currently living in the wild in Mexico, and they are considered a threatened species that face numerous threats such as habitat loss and poaching. With every NFT purchase, a percentage of the profits will be donated to Orgfas, a Mexican non-profit dedicated to saving jaguars and certain special rare mints and "1 of 1s" will enable the holders to visit the Orgfas habitat to meet the animals Soul, Zen, a baby panther and other rescued wildlife.

As House of Panther takes flight, the team is excited to have the guiding and supportive hand of Maya Spirits, a premier Mexican collection, by its side. Together, they are forging a collaborative path toward creating a positive impact on the communities of the Southern Mexican states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and the Yucatan, utilizing web3 technologies for social good and sharing these compelling examples with the world.

The Maya Spirits organization has already raised an impressive 170 Eth, which have been allocated towards regenerative land projects, education, and sustainable economic development in the community of Calakmul.

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Through this partnership, House of Panther and Maya Spirits are demonstrating how blockchain-based solutions can bring about meaningful change, and they're proud to be leading the charge. "We are pleased to support House of Panther on their web3 journey. As a female led collection making impact locally, we are demonstrating how web3 can be used to combat global issues through transparent tools and economic incentivization that can bring value to those who contribute." - Liam Scully, Cofounder Maya Spirits

The House of Panther team is already involved with the support and care of Zen and Soul, jaguars who will be protected and possibly bred to ensure their species' survival, and a baby black panther who is currently receiving treatment to nurse it back to health.

"Orgfas does an incredible job of rehabilitating wildlife and we are committed to growing our efforts to protect these incredible, endangered animals and share our progress with our holders as we continue to make a difference in their lives," shared Sandra Ponce de Leon, HOP Cofounder.

Join us by minting a House of Panther nft, following us HOP twitter and Discord and becoming a part of the regenerative movement.

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