Houston Home Inspection Company Offers Foundation Repair Estimates

Houston homebuyers and homeowners are at a disadvantage due to the regions expansive soils. Imperial Pro Inspection aims to provide the most affordable, comprehensive foundation inspection in the home inspection industry.

RICHMOND, Texas - Txylo -- Houston, we have a problem. The region's highly expansive, unstable clay soils create substantial foundation movement that wreaks havoc on homes, resulting in considerable financial loss in the form of foundation repair. To make matters worse, some foundation repair companies prey on frightened homeowners by selling them unnecessary foundation repairs. Underpinning the foundation should only be done when necessary. Imperial Pro inspection will be the first home inspection company in Texas to offer unbiased foundation repair estimates on slab foundation homes.


Indications of adverse foundation performance can be seen in the cracking of interior walls, exterior walls, floors, foundation slab, trim separations, sloping floors or doors that just won't close properly. However, sometimes significant movement can be hidden or go unnoticed, especially with lack of maintenance, previous repairs, renovations or with modern construction that will flex and tilt, concealing the common warning signs. Latent or hidden foundation movement can be even more costly, and sometimes these issues aren't discovered until after the expiration of the builder's structural warranty.

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Unfortunately, most established homes in the Houston area have some degree of cosmetic damage caused by foundation movement. Home inspectors can often become desensitized to this damage and consider it "normal" without having any understanding of what it means, what caused it, or what it'll cost to repair. This damage is then neglected overtime, compounding the problem, and homeowners are eventually blindsided by the expensive foundation repair estimate from their "FREE" foundation inspection. Even worse, some repairs may not be necessary or repairs could've been prevented with the appropriate foundation maintenance plan.


Imperial Pro has learned from some of the pioneers of foundation repair and experienced structural engineers to provide the most comprehensive foundation evaluation in the home inspection industry. They provide an UNBIASED, no-hassle evaluation of your slab foundation without trying to close the big foundation repair sale at the end. When needed, Imperial Pro will give clients a ballpark estimated cost of foundation repair via solid concrete pressed pilings, the most common repair method utilized in our region. More importantly, they'll provide you a better understanding of the foundation maintenance necessary to help prevent any further damage.

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Whether you're buying, selling, investing or needing annual maintenance inspections prior to the expiration of your builder warranty, Imperial Pro's foundation inspection is the unbiased, cost-effective approach needed in the Greater Houston area. Please visit Imperial Pro Inspection at https://imperialprotx.com

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