HOUSTON, June 20, 2024 ~ In a recent announcement, Cruise revealed that Houston will be the second city for the company to resume its operations. This news has sparked concerns from Robert Mele, President of Teamsters Joint Council 58, who represents thousands of workers throughout Texas.

According to Mele, neither workers nor the general public feel safe operating next to Cruise vehicles or any other robotaxi. He believes that there is good reason for this sentiment, as Cruise has a history of safety incidents that have caused harm and chaos on the roads.

Mele points out that Cruise had to suspend operations nationwide after a series of incidents where their vehicles were involved in collisions with pedestrians, fire trucks, waste trucks, and even caused a 20-car pileup in a tunnel. These incidents have raised questions about the safety and reliability of driverless cars.

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Furthermore, Mele highlights that Cruise has not taken sufficient steps to repair the public's trust following these failures. He argues that the company should not be allowed to operate anywhere until it has addressed these issues and regained public confidence.

Mele emphasizes that this is not a political issue but rather a matter of safety. He urges policymakers and other stakeholders to hold companies like Cruise accountable for their actions before allowing them to operate on public roads.

The Teamsters Joint Council 58 stands firm in their stance against driverless cars and trucks until they are proven safe and reliable. They urge others to join them in calling for accountability from companies like Cruise before it's too late. For further inquiries or comments, please contact Matt McQuaid at (202) 624-6877.
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