Massage Therapy Center in Los Angeles is Putting a Spring Back In Your Step

Massage Revolution's Back and Neck Relief Center
Local Massage Business Empowers Individuals to Reclaim Health

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. & LOS ANGELES - Txylo -- Los Angeles's top-rated Massage Revolution's Back and Neck Relief Center is on a mission to help people live a healthier life with less pain, without drugs or surgery.

Through the use of trigger point and neuromuscular massage therapy, their specially trained massage therapists provide drug-free, surgery-free relief from back pain, neck pain, and many other problems, some of them surprising.

"Trigger points are the culprit behind a lot of back and neck pain," says Michael Greenspan, neuromuscular therapist and owner of Manhattan Beach's Massage Revolution. "But trigger points are also guilty of causing a lot of other issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome, vertigo, migraines, and even things like allergy symptoms and digestive problems."

Trigger points frequently appear in back and neck muscles, but they can flare up anywhere in the body. Trigger points can be thought of as tiny muscle cramps, and they may be latent or active. When latent, trigger points often cause a generalized stiffness and limit your range of motion. When active, trigger points can make it hard to perform basic daily activities, including getting out of bed. Trigger points can also be tricky, sending or referring pain elsewhere, which makes it difficult for an individual to discover the source of the problem.

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Both over- and underuse causes trigger points, meaning both performing a repetitive motion can be behind the problem, but so can too much sitting still. Trigger point massage and neuromuscular therapy were created to deal with all these issues and relieve the pain without drugs or surgery. With 35+ massage therapists on staff, The Back & Neck Relief Center is one of the largest massage therapy centers in the greater Los Angeles area. Massage Revolution is in compliance with state and federal health protocols to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Your health isn't something that should be put on hold any longer.
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Michael Greenspan
Massage Revolution's Back/Neck Relief Center

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