New Way To Promote Small Business Launched

The Marketing Collective presents online business owners with a completely wild opportunity grow their traffic and sales for just $5 per month. This is unprecedented.

HOUSTON - Txylo -- A new advertising marketing opportunity for small businesses has arrived online. Online stores owners, affiliate marketers, social media and website owners and bloggers might want to pay attention.

The cost of marketing and driving traffic to one's content can be overwhelming for smaller entities. The resources and skill to overcome these challenges and reaching a sustainable source of income may be out of reach.

Now, these small businesses have a way out. Or a way in, depending on how you view the situation.

A marketing researcher and software developing team has just started a group called the "The Marketing Collective".  The Marketing Collective is exactly what the name implies. It is a collective of people who want to overcome the marketing barriers they face. Their struggle is in getting their websites, products and services into the main stream and getting more traffic and more sales.

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The Marketing Collective develops specialized marketing software and strategies that helps drive traffic through innovation.

TMC brings together those who need traffic and sales and those who develop specialized tools and services that help get traffic and sales.

TMC works by a group of online store owners, affiliate marketers, dropshippers, and website owners contributing $5 per month to fund research and development of traffic driving software, marketing tools and marketing task automation applications. A team of software developers, app developers UI, UX, Web developers create marketing tools and services using the money contributed by TMC participants.

In return, the participants receive LIFE TIME ACCESS to the tools and services developed. The $5.00 fee allows users to gain lifetime access to tools and services that would normally cost them thousands of dollars per month. It is the classic win-win scenario. The coders can move forward developing products and services, and the small businesses gain innovative tools and services that help them reach and surpass their goals.

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"It's a symbiotic relationship that just brims with opportunity." Says Andy Roberson

Those that want to join us have a limited time to do so. We want to cap the supporter base to 10,000 supporters. So, marketers, website owners, ecommerce store owners, dropshippers, affiliates, social media businesses, YouTubers you have an opportunity to accelerate your marketing efforts while simultaneously reducing your marketing costs. It's like having your own marketing research and development team on staff for $5 per month.

See what's being done and Join us here.

Andy Roberson

Source: The Marketing Collective

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