Perigee Direct Launches 3M Scotch-Weld DP2216 Epoxy Adhesive for Shock Resistant Chemical Bonding

Thanks to its electrical insulation and non-conductive properties, there are endless uses for this type of epoxy.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, Texas - Txylo -- Perigee Direct has launched their brand-new scotch weld epoxy adhesive for their science and industry consumers. This shock, vibration, and cryogenic cold-resistant epoxy serves many uses and has exceptional bonding strength.

3M Scotch-Weld epoxy adhesive 2216 is a high-performance two-part adhesive, the resin, and the activator. This multipurpose adhesive cures at room temperature and needs about 90 minutes to completely set. 2216 epoxy is widely used for its excellent bonding strength and is generally used with materials such as ferrous and stainless steel, aluminum, various kinds of woods, rubbers, plastics, stone, concrete, and even with masonry and ceramics.

This adhesive needs a mix ratio of 2:3 in order to work well, and once the mixture is properly executed, it has a shear strength of 3200psi and a peel strength of 25piw, which is exceptional in the chemical bonding field. 3M EC-2216 epoxy is known for its characteristic grey drying color and its shock, vibration, and cryogenic cold-resistant properties. This epoxy can withstand cold temperatures ranging from -423F to +180F.

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Scotch weld 2216 epoxy comes in 50ml cartridges, 50ml with a hand plunger or dispenser, 2-ounce tube kit. This epoxy can also be found in pint kits and quart kits. The cartridge, which is the most popular means of application, needs to be used with a mixing gun, caulk gun adapter, or a hand plunger. In order to use this, the mixing tip needs to be attached to the epoxy cartridge, and if the glue is difficult to push into the cartridge, it can even be mixed by hand on a mixing sheet. In both cases, it yields the same results.

One of the officials at Perigee Direct said, "We focus hard on nailing your experience: high-transparency, mission-based operations and decision making, digitally-enabled supply chains, sustainable product lines and options, sharing knowledge and know-how that we come into, and integrated customer-Perigee experiences."

About Perigee Direct
Perigee Direct is a company that specializes in producing and supplying chemical adhesives and other consumable materials for science, industrial customers, and various other organization that have the need for these products. They produce resins, adhesives, dispensing and filling equipment, plastic welding materials, filaments, and even equipment mounting systems for various industries. With Perigee Direct, customers are at the liberty to purchase single components of the epoxy they want or even buy the same in bulk.

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