Poor flexibility likely driving employees to seek new jobs

AUSTIN, Texas - Txylo -- The United States is lagging behind the world average when it comes to remote jobs, and this could be pushing a large number of workers to seek new jobs.

The Great Resignation or Great Reshuffling has continued towards the end of 2023, even as job vacancies and hiring have cooled and as hundreds of Americans are concerned about the economy entering a recession. This even as "Quiet Quitting" becomes a new trend showcasing employees' dissatisfaction with their jobs or working environments.

Meanwhile, remote work has remained incredibly popular in the US as well as in most developed countries around the world. Even jobs that offer at least partial remote work in the form of hybrid arrangements or other flexible options remain the most popular choice among the workforce.

Now, new data indicates that more than half of working Americans are looking to switch to another company within the next 12 months. Combined with the fact that an even higher percentage of Americans want at least some form of remote work and the lagging numbers of remote jobs available, it seems plausible that remote work is a major driving force behind employees seeking to change employers.

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"All of the reasons are still being researched, but the emerging patterns seem to indicate remote work is a major component of job satisfaction in a modern workforce," says Joseph Boll, CEO of RemoteWorker, an online jobs board and resource website for those looking to land remote jobs or hire the best talent for their remote positions.

Remote Worker has long maintained that remote work is here to stay, and the onus is on companies to adjust to the new way of working or lose out. Boll points out that various studies have shown remote jobs are the most desirable in the US. Additionally, workers who already work remotely have threatened to quit rather than return to physical offices — with some notable figures being examples of such remote workers who followed through on that promise.

The link between how many employees are actively quitting in-person jobs to accept fully remote or hybrid positions is still being researched. However, Boll says, "I would not be surprised if that is exactly the case. The data all lines up; workers have said for more than a year that they want remote work and smart recruiters are doing their best to offer it to win over the best of the talent pool."


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