Propane Council Educates on Backup Power Solutions as Texans Recover from Severe Storms

AUSTIN, Texas, May 23, 2024 ~ As the Houston area continues to recover from last week's devastating storms, the Propane Council of Texas is urging residents across the state to consider propane as a reliable backup power source. With temperatures on the rise once again, access to essential appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration becomes even more crucial.

Bill Van Hoy, Executive Director for the Propane Council of Texas, expressed his sympathies for those affected by the recent storms. "Our thoughts go out to all those impacted by the recent storms," he stated. "We understand the significant challenges residents face when the power goes out, especially during hot summer months. Propane offers a dependable and versatile solution for backup power generation."

The widespread power outages in Houston have been widely reported by major news outlets, with hundreds of thousands of residents left without electricity for days. With temperatures increasing, the lack of air conditioning poses serious health risks, particularly for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and young children.

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To combat these challenges, propane-powered standby backup generators offer an effective solution to maintain essential appliances during outages. These generators can be permanently installed and easily connected to a home's electrical system by licensed professionals. This provides power for critical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, and more.

The Propane Council of Texas is encouraging residents to explore propane backup power options by contacting a licensed propane provider or generator installer. These professionals can advise on the appropriate size generator for a home's needs, ensure proper installation and location, and provide ongoing maintenance. It is crucial to always use a licensed professional for standby generator installation to ensure safe and reliable operation.

"By proactively planning for power outages, Texans can protect their homes and families in the aftermath of storms," Van Hoy concluded. "The Propane Council of Texas is committed to educating residents about the benefits of propane backup power as a reliable and readily available solution."
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