Reelnews Launches All-user-generated Video News App To Redefine News Media

DALLAS - Txylo -- Dallas, Texas - Reelnews, a Texas-based news platform, is proud to announce the official launch of its all-user-generated video news app. The app is designed to expand news media to a new generation of news communicators and consumers.

Recent research shows that millions of viewers are abandoning traditional news outlets in favor of social media and peer-driven content. Reelnews is filling this void by offering a news platform that caters to the preferences of today's digitally-driven audience.

Reelnews' user-generated news reels and its inclusive approach to news provide the social media generation with a news-focused platform where they can report the news through their own lenses, in their own words, and in their own style.

"Reelnews' user-powered news reporting is an exciting development in a rapidly changing news landscape," says Co-Founder Robin Mendez. "We believe it's time for an all-user-generated, peer-to-peer news media that resonates with the sensibilities of a new generation of news consumers."

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With features like Hold for Approval (HFA), ReelUp, ReelBoards, and requiring sources from its video news contributors, Reelnews seeks to ensure that its news contributors adhere to a threshold of reporting integrity, all while offering them recognition and rewards for their original news content.

"As our news community grows, it can be a positive force in redefining a much more inclusive and open news media landscape," Mendez adds.

Reelnews is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

About Reelnews

Reelnews stands as the first all-user-generated peer-to-peer news media app where users create and share their original news videos and content. Our mission is to significantly expand news media access for the next generation of independent news communicators and consumers. To explore creating and contributing your original video news reports on reelnews or to learn more about us, visit our website at or download our app on your mobile device. For media inquiries and more information, please contact:

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