Remote Job Seekers Encouraged To Keep Up The Search

AUSTIN, Texas - Txylo -- Nevermind the noise in the market and the sometimes discouraging newspaper headlines — there are loads of opportunities to work remotely and even more are expected in the future. This is the message the CEO of a digital recruitment firm was looking to get out to the public as he sought to encourage those who want to work remotely — and to enjoy the work-life balance that comes along with it — not to relent on their dream job.

"Many modern employers realize that remote work is the best possible outcome and are already offering that right off the bat," said Joseph Boll, RemoteWorker CEO. "Others may be more slow to pick up the mantle, but they are still coming around eventually as they realize they're only losing employees to competitors by refusing to be flexible. There are still a lot of opportunities in remote work available, and you have more resources than ever to help you land your dream flexible job."

One such resource is the company Boll himself leads. RemoteWorker is an online jobs board and resource website for remote workers, remote work jobseekers, and hiring managers, employers and HR personnel seeking to recruit and hire the top talent for remote positions. Even before the remote work boom brought on by the pandemic, RemoteWorker was helping jobseekers find their dream job working from home — or from anywhere. Now, more than ever, that mission continues to be pertinent.

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"If you only watched or read the headlines, you'd think remote work was going the way of the dinosaurs and in-person work was making a comeback, when really, it's been the other way around," Boll said. "Part of the reason the 'Great Resignation' lasted so long is because workers stopped compromising on work-life balance, and businesses are realizing that they're still not giving that up. In fact, most job openings won't even receive more than a few applicants unless they promise either remote or flexible options."

To this end, Boll had one thing to say to jobseekers: "Don't be discouraged or bullied into compromising because some messages are making it seem that remote work has gone away. It's alive, it's thriving, and you can always rely on resources like RemoteWorker to help you get exactly the kind of job some critics are trying to claim that you would never get. Your dream remote job is there and available; don't give up!"


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