San Antonio: District 7 Councilmember’s Remarks Following Vote on SAPD Collective Bargaining Agreement

CONTACT: Emily Collins

SAN ANTONIO (May 12, 2022) — City Council voted on the San Antonio Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement this morning. If adopted, the 5-year contract would: (1) rebalance the disciplinary process for officers, reflecting our community's expectation that officers whose actions undermine community trust are held accountable, (2) ensure our officers are competitively paid, while they continue to contribute to the cost of healthcare, and (3) maintain overall public safety spending below 66% of the General Fund, consistent with the City's financial policy. The District 7 Councilmember released the following remarks.

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"It's fitting that we voted on this contract just ahead of the two-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder. This contract meaningfully reforms the disciplinary process and gives the City a fair chance at both preserving the integrity of the police force and keeping residents safe.

What our District 7 residents have expressed to us is this: First, that people should feel safe in their community, and that requires the City to invest in adequate lighting, safe sidewalks, job access, and more. Second, that the City should pursue the best tools for the job, and that means sending clinicians to mental health emergencies and police to crime scenes. And lastly, that people should be held accountable for their actions, and that includes police officers who abuse their responsibility.

The District 7 office believes that this contract makes a great stride to accomplishing those three goals. As such, I voted to support."

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