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SAN ANTONIO (June 28, 2022) - With the upcoming Fourth of July holiday fast approaching, now is the time for local pet owners to consider their furry companions in their party planning. Both dogs and cats can become very frightened by all the noise and commotion we take for granted during gatherings of any sort and Independence Day parties tend to be louder than most. Using common-sense precautions can help protect you and your pet this holiday:
  • Pets don't like loud noises. Woodlawn Lake will be the site of the official San Antonio Fourth of July celebration this year complete with fireworks in the evening. Although there will be plenty of food and family fun, these events are no place for pets. Leave your pet at home in a secured, quiet area where they will be safe.
  • A collar and microchip ID can help your pet get back home if they get lost. Roaming animals stand the risk of being picked up by the city's Animal Care Officers—or worse yet, being hit by a car. Your pet's registered microchip ID is more than their ticket home--Microchips are the law in San Antonio. The address and phone numbers you register with your pet's microchip should always be kept up to date. Double-check them now before the party gets started.
  • Don't leave pets unattended outside, even in a fenced yard. This one can be tough. Especially when they're looking at you with those eyes. If you're going to give your dog some scraps, stay away from bones and try to keep it to a minimum. A good dog-friendly choice you might have at your Independence Day party? Watermelon! Just remove the seeds and rind. Alcohol can be fatal to a dog and should never be given to any animal.
  • Watch the BBQ pit. If it smells good to you, imagine what it smells like to your dog. Some smaller pits can be knocked over by a dog. Plus, a hungry pup can get sneaky, and you don't want to deal with taking Rover to the ER because he ate five chicken kabobs, including the skewers.
  • Give your pet some peace and quiet.  A closed-off area inside your home can be a blessing for a nervous pet. Some pets get destructive when they're frightened so be sure to remove valuables. Provide some toys to occupy your pet's time. If your pet is crate trained, make sure they can curl up inside. Fresh food and water are a must and a treat or two wouldn't hurt either!
  • Protect your pet from pranksters. Some animal cruelty cases start out as what some consider "harmless pranks." But there's nothing harmless (or legal) about shooting fireworks at a pet. Bring outdoor pets indoors, at least for the evening. ACS will investigate anyone suspected of cruelly treating any animal.
  • When in doubt, consult your veterinarian.  Your vet and local pet stores have a variety of remedies available to soothe your pet's nerves and set your mind at ease.
Monday, July 4th is an official City holiday and the Animal Care Services main campus at 4710 State Highway 151 will be closed but animal care officers will be on duty. All pet-related calls can still be phoned into 311. Remember-- it is illegal for residents to use or have fireworks within the San Antonio city limits.

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