San Antonio: Perry Reacts to Pre-K 4 SA Being Moved to May Ballot

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SAN ANTONIO (February 13, 2020) – Today, City Council approved ordering a May election for the Pre-K 4 SA Sales Tax. The following statement was released in response to today's discussion:

"I believe that this move means to cloud the judgment of our residents at the ballot box. Voters in San Antonio deserve to know everything that is being asked of them when it comes to their tax dollars, especially when it's costing them up to an additional $900,000. Splitting the 1/8th cent sales tax allocated to Pre-K 4 SA and tucking it away on a May election with limited other items on the ballot feels disingenuous to me.

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The Pre-K 4 SA 1/8th cent sales tax was presumed to be put on the November ballot for a vote. In a recent Council session, one of the reasons given for choosing a May election instead of a November election was the worry of ballot fatigue due to a packed election. Some stated that the May ballot was an "education ballot" that involved several school district seats. School board elections in May include NEISD and some Alamo College Districts, which do not usually equate to high voter interest or turnout.

If the goal is to have more San Antonians voice their opinion on Pre-K 4 SA, then we should place it on the ballot that projects the most substantial turnout – in November – and not potentially double the bill for our neighbors by funding a separate election."stats

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