Scandal Plagued Prison Continues To Deny C-Murder Medical Care Instead Chooses To Extort Him For Money And Valuables In Retaliation For Exposing Abuse

"You Are Rich and Your Brother Has Money" C-Murder extorted by Elyan Hunt prison officials in retaliation for his hunger strike, exposing the abuse and neglect of prisoners and the circumstances surrounding an inmate suicide.

SAN ANTONIO - Txylo -- WE STAND NOW and are calling for the release of Mr. Corey Miller, also known as C-Murder, and a petition has been initiated on behalf of the former member of TRU, a now-defunct Multi-Platinum selling supergroup introduced by No Limit Records in the late 1990s. No Limit Records, headed by the brothers Percy (Master P), Vyshonn (Silkk The Shocker) and Corey (C-Murder) Miller, played a significant role in shaping the way rap artists negotiate their deals with record companies today in 2023.

Hip-Hop has matured significantly, but it is still seen as a young genre of music, and as it approaches its 50th anniversary, it is fitting for the voices of both the old and the young to unite and speak out on critical issues that affect us all. In 2002, Miller was arrested in connection with murder and with no weapon or DNA evidence, was sentenced to life in prison after a jury's 10 -2 verdict, on August 14, 2009. Miller is serving his sentence at Elayn Hunt a Louisiana State Penitentiary. Controversy surrounding witnesses involved in Miller's trial came to light in 2018 when two key witnesses recanted their statements, claiming they had been pressured into testifying against Miller by authorities. In addition, to achieve a criminal conviction, prosecutors presented jurors evidence by way of lyrics and imagery of Corey Miller in his Hip Hop persona of C-Murder. This was a blatant violation of his right to freedom of speech and expression. Miller maintains his innocence and an appeal was filed late December of 2022. The District Attorney and Judge of Louisiana had 30 days from Feb. 7, 2023 to answer providing a recommendation. This Judge previously denied Mr. Miller's last appeal after state witnesses in his conviction recanted their statements, admitting they were under duress by investigators. Corey Miller is still awaiting an answer from the District Attorney, he is still waiting for a new trial, he is still waiting for justice. According to Mr. Miller, "Our freedom of speech is at risk, and it's just a matter of time before they attempt to strip away all of our rights. Hip-hop is currently on trial, as is our culture." "As I stand before you, I am still fighting for justice and for my case to be heard and overturned so that I can be released. I have been incarcerated in this penal system for 21 years under the harsh conditions I have had to endure alongside other inmates."

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Publicist Lisa Jackson and Manager Steven Johnson both representative for Corey Miller, reported to the press that on February 23, 2023, Corey Miller began a hunger strike to bring awareness to his current medical situation inside of Elayn Hunt. He continues to suffer with chronic dental issues that Elayn Hunt refuses to address and it has led to his significant weight loss. In our prior press release we exposed he was denied his much needed Thyroid medications.  However, the state of Louisiana has obtained the necessary medications to provide to Mr. Miller. Concurrent with the hunger strike, on February 23, 2023, Miller filed an Administrative Remedy Procedure Request against Donnie Bordeleon, Warden at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility in Louisiana, after allegedly being extorted of his personal belongings and monetary items by Colonel Chandra T. Jackson. Miller claims that Colonel Jackson said, "you are rich, and your brother has money," and that he would be searched regularly, and "all of my personal belongings taken as long as I am on her unit." After previous complaints to Elayn Hunt officials, it has become clear to Mr. Miller that EHCC refuses to investigate this matter. In an effort to demand justice, transparency, and support for all incarcerated individuals, Corey Miller is making his complaint public. He believes that incarceration does not negate a person's civil rights and that government officials should enforce the regulations that prohibit extortion and retaliation. Elyan Hunt's refusal to investigate Mr. Miller's previous complaints against Colonel Jackson is clearly a punitive measure, and it is their response to Mr. Miller's hunger strikes and his ability to generate media attention by exposing the clearly unlawful and inhumane conditions inside Louisiana's prison system.

Elayn Hunt Legal Trouble- A history of abuse and neglect
In recent times Elayn Hunt has experienced a slew of legal and public relations embarrassments. In February of 2023, a female guard working at Elayn Hunt Correctional Facility was arrested after she was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the prison. The drugs were detected hidden inside of her body after a routine scan. In June of 2022, Samantha Joubert, a master sergeant at the facility, was arrested on counts of malfeasance in office and falsifying public documents in relation to the June 2nd suicide of Jamaal Harris a prisoner within the facility. Prior to his suicide, Harris complained to officials that he was not receiving adequate medical care and was being denied much needed medications. That same month Kirt Guerin, Warden at Elayn Hunt was arrested and suspended from his role as prison administration due to crashing his state issued vehicle while under the influence of pain medication. In 2019 officers at Elayn Hunt were convicted of assault by beating and kicking two handcuffed inmates. One, John Harold while he was restrained and lying face down on the cell floor. They continued to beat him in the transport vehicle, and then in the prison infirmary, where officers punched the inmate while he was restrained in a bed as well as dropping a wheelchair on top of him as he lay restrained in the infirmary bed

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Time is of the essence. These abuses at Elayn Hunt must stop now! Please join us at www.PURPLE-UNION.ORG (Prisoners Union For Reform) as we stand UNITED to bring Corey Miller home.



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