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DALLAS - Txylo -- Whether you wish to enhance the productivity of your laboratory or want to seamlessly manage the information produced daily, introducing a Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS Software can be a valuable business asset.

At SG Systems Global, we deploy robust and scalable LIMS software to help you develop a system that best reflects your lab's unique workflows.

It also enables you to perform configurable sets of attribute testing routines on manufactured products to generate a Certificate of Analysis.

Through our passion for creating reliable software solutions for various industrial applications, we created V5 Lab Test System, that is –
  • Simple to set up and aligns with your lab and business processes without any need for customizations.
  • A powerful, full-featured enterprise LIMS can be used by any type and size of laboratory built in the current technological age.
  • The flexible features can be cloud-hosted, used on-premises, automated, integrated, or self-served.

See how our LIMS software can make your lab a more efficient place.

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1- Obtain access to important lab functions.

With powerful LIMS software from SG Systems, you can manage all the important functions of your lab, including –
  • Work queue management.
  • Sample lifecycle management.
  • Inventory management and more.

2- Retrieve information automatically.

We understand the importance of accuracy, data security, and accessibility. That is why all our reporting and analytical tools are capable of meeting all your data needs. They can help transform data into informative data so you can make the right decisions and enhance efficiency.

3- Makes automation and management easier.

SG Systems is one of the few LIMS providers that provide all the tools and functionality needed to manage and automate the process from end-to-end.

Why choose SG Systems Global?

1- Experts in the field.

As part of the LIMS software configuration process, our experienced team of expert consultants works closely with you to determine your current and long-term requirements.

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2- Get the right product at the right time.
By implementing LIMS software based on your industry's best practices, we can improve lab operations immediately.

3- Dedicated to providing better service.

At SG Systems, we believe in delivering better customer satisfaction at all times through continuous product innovation. It is our mission to make your operations better with our products every single day.

Let us provide you with products that bring us closer to your goals today!

Connect with our experts at 214-819-9570 or email to harness the power of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in the best way possible.

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