The Grinview Smiles Office Now Uses Platelet-Rich Fibrin To Help Patients Heal And Recovery Quickly!

Grinview Smiles in Grandview, TX, has announced that its practice now offers platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) so patients' healing and recovery times are quicker.

FORT WORTH, Texas - Txylo -- Patients who undergo advanced dental procedures, such as the placement of full mouth dental implants, will want to have the fastest healing and recovery time possible. The application of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is quickly becoming a preferred method to speed up the healing and recovery of affected soft tissues after oral surgeries. Now, patients of Dr. Michael Grier at Grinview Smiles in Grandview, TX have the option of choosing to receive PRF after undergoing minimally invasive and more comprehensive treatments.

PRF works by taking advantage of the patient's naturally-occurring platelets to speed up the regeneration of healthy tissues. PRF is created by the process of removing a small amount of blood from a patient and then putting the blood into a special machine. The machine extracts and isolates PRF. The PRF has a gelatinous consistency and can be applied to the surgical site. Because PRF is taken from the patient, it is automatically considered biocompatible and poses little chance of giving them an allergic reaction or irritating side effects.

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The benefits of PRF application by trained dentists like Dr. Grier are impressive. PRF has been linked to reduced swelling, faster healing, lowered discomfort, increased blood supply to the surgical region, and greater chance of procedural success based on expected outcomes. Plus, PRF is safe for all ages and poses no risk to patients. In fact, PRF can play a part in improving the overall patient experience.

Dr. Grier recommends PRF to patients who are undergoing many kinds of restorative and cosmetic solutions that require surgical interventions. For instance, patients who have their wisdom teeth extracted frequently leverage PRF to get back to work or school faster, as well as avoid issues like dry sockets. And dental implant patients may be able to get full support and function from their dental implant restorations more quickly if they are given PRF at the end of their placement appointments. (

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About Grinview Smiles: The Grinview Smiles office is able to give patients state-of-the-art procedures through the use of their advanced technologies like their digital x-rays, intraoral scanning cameras, the onsite lab with 3D printer, dental lasers, a cone beam CT machine, and multiple types of safe and effective sedation dentistry methods. (

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