Triarc Solutions Launches “RA360” Support & Maintenance Offering for All Unsupported Versions of RightAngle

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Triarc Solutions, a leading provider of RightAngle consulting and support services, announced today the launch of RA360, a full RightAngle service offering to replace vendor-provided support and maintenance for customers outside the vendor's mainstream support. With only one RightAngle version currently in full support, this comprehensive offering from Triarc finally provides customers an alternative way of securing mission-critical support for their version of RightAngle.

Triarc's new offering covers everything from user questions to core bug resolutions to new innovative tools that enhance the use of RightAngle. With this new service, companies can obtain resolution for important issues, lower their total cost of ownership, and leverage emerging tools to support their RightAngle platform.

"We recognize the majority of RightAngle customers are no longer receiving mainstream support but are simply not ready to upgrade to a new version," said Sterling Carmean, Triarc Solutions CEO. "Either the new features and functionality aren't compelling enough, or the capital expenditure required for the upgrade is too steep given other internal priorities. With the business requirement to keep RightAngle supported, customers are left with the challenge to compare the value of upgrading vs the value of continuing to pay for support and maintenance they no longer receive. A new option is desperately needed. RA360 now provides customers with vital RightAngle support and maintenance to keep their business moving forward and does it for a significant cost savings compared to what was historically paid to the vendor."

The vendor's current policy states that versions exit mainstream RightAngle support three years after general availability. So as of May 8, 2023, customers using RightAngle S20.1 or earlier find themselves unsupported, creating material operational risk and notable value loss. Coupling the three-year policy with the fact that it has been two years since the last major RightAngle release (S21 on May 7, 2021), every RightAngle version except one is now unsupported.

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For the first time, RightAngle customers can choose between the traditional vendor service and Triarc's new RA360 support and maintenance offering.

RA360 offers customers an immediate return on investment through direct improvements in service quality. Customers can leverage Triarc Support's availability, quick resolution times, and ability to actively solve any RightAngle functional/technical/custom/core challenges. Triarc's depth of RightAngle experience paired with a desire for each customer to succeed creates the ideal profile for the long-term service of RightAngle customers' investments.

In choosing Triarc's RA360 offering, customers will receive:
  • RightAngle Support from Triarc's tenured support team, which holds a 100% customer satisfaction rating over the last five years. This includes advanced support providing expertise for both functional and technical system issues, debugging core and custom code, proposing data repair or custom code fixes, and functional guidance for issues which need a minor change in the application.
  • Triarc RightAngle Maintenance, which includes bug resolutions to core software issues via approved APIs and various customizations. For information on a few ways we resolve these issues, check out this blog post.
  • Access to RightAngle tools designed and developed by Triarc's sister company, Triangle Software, allowing organizations to lower their total cost of ownership for the entire platform while also leveraging new application features and improvements through the tools.

"The service level and economics of the RA360 model simply make sense," Charles Eberhardt, Triarc Solutions Director of Support, said. "Customers pay for this service already but aren't experiencing the service or return expected from those dollars now that they are unsupported. Choosing Triarc instead, they'll get world-class RightAngle help from a stable and experienced RightAngle team. Economically, customers will see immediate value as Triarc delivers better service at a considerably lower cost. With all versions except S21 now unsupported and the pace of releases stunted, RA360 provides a strong alternative for unsupported RightAngle customers."

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This new service is designed to deliver excellence, create stability, and keep RightAngle customers moving forward through support and innovation. Triarc's collective team has over 450 years of RightAngle experience. They employ many past members of the RightAngle Development, Support, and Quality Assurance teams, as well as product managers, technical architects, and the only two Gold Stevie Award winners for RightAngle support. Triarc is well equipped to deliver on the promise of RA360.

From leadership to the frontlines, Triarc is entirely RightAngle-focused and committed to the long-term success of the RightAngle product, the RightAngle ecosystem, and most importantly the RightAngle customers. The RA360 offering provides a clear path to better service so customers can get back to loving RightAngle again.

About Triarc Solutions

For more than a decade, Triarc Solutions has helped its customers conduct industry leading RightAngle implementations, upgrades, process improvements, and provided managed support services in the sectors of Retail Fuel, Refined Products, Crude & Lease, NGLs, Agriculture and Metals. With customers ranging from the largest RightAngle client to the smallest, Triarc's mission is to improve the lives of everyone in the RightAngle community and help customers love RightAngle again.

As the only consulting and managed support services organization solely focused on RightAngle, Triarc offerings assist customers on all versions of RightAngle. Their award-winning support has a record of success with 100% customer satisfaction for five years running.

To learn more, visit Triarc at or follow on LinkedIn.


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