TWX Auto Creates Professional Car Detailing Products and Supplies

DUSSELDORF, Germany - Txylo -- TWX Auto, a Germany-based car care product manufacturer, now offers its professional car detailing products and supplies in Europe.

TWX Auto formulas provide high-quality cleaning at affordable prices. Waterless cleaning products, tire shine gel, leather cleaner and conditioner, all-purpose interior cleaner and polishing wax spray are among the most preferred products for 2019.

Using TWX Auto products, surfaces are cleaned with the optimal amount of solution, but completely enough to remove stubborn dirt, grease and oils.

TWX super wax spray - specially designed to polish the car exterior. Provides sleek and shiny look, and forms water-repellent film where applied.

TWX Auto tire gel rejuvenates your tires, giving them a rich, dark, and glossy look. The product is extremely durable - depending on how much you drive, the tires stay looking shiny for 2 - 4 weeks.

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TWX Auto interior cleaning products for leather and upholstery remove stains and dirt without soaking the materials and without increasing the drying time.

Leather cleaner and conditioner, used with a microfiber cloth, gives the surfaces a shiny look, and protects from further dusting.

TWX waterless exterior cleaner has a neutral pH and similarly to the nano glass cleaner,  forms a water-repellent film where applied.

Each month, different products of TWX Auto line will be sold at a discounted price. Current discounts and promotions can be checked at manufacturer's official website As the global car care product market is one of the fastest growing in the automotive sector (it is expected to grow at a significant rate within the next 5 years), TWX Auto will continue to produce innovative car detailing products to meet the needs of its present and future customers.

Source: TWX Auto
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