Were Some White People Once Slaves in America?

Shocking revelations present real-life evidence of transformation in The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America Novel

MCKINNEY, Texas - Txylo -- It's been 400 years since the first African slaves were brought over by ship to the United States. Though the slaves were black, what are they now? Through the process called reincarnation, a person's spirit can come back to earth in a new body. Just because a person is one sex or race in one life doesn't mean that they come back as the same sex or race in the next life.

The book, The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America examines and presents real-life cases from researchers that prove that most of us have been here before.

The examination of reincarnation in this book demonstrates that the spirit never dies, it just changes form. The same spirit can come back as a different race. A black person can come back as a white person. A woman can come back as a man, etc. So it is very likely, over the last 400 years, that some white people living today may have once been a black slave in a previous life, and vice versa. For all but a few, our memories are erased when we come back. This is demonstrated in case studies.

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So, what does this say about what's going on with race relations today? Basically, according to the author of The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America (https://bit.ly/3eOTnLA), A. L. Bryant, "We are all created equal. It is society that assigns value to different people based on race and sex."

A perfect example of this was illustrated in the movie Avatar. The main character is a white man, but through science, he transforms into an Avatar body, but he is still the same person. It works the same in with reincarnation. The difference is that we transform to the spirit world and later a different body after we die, but have no memory of our previous life, yet we are still the same spirit.

Some may ask why we reincarnate? The reason for this is so that our spirit can grow to learn lessons and the ways of the Supreme being with love, light, and positive energy. If we do not learn the lessons fully in one lifetime, we reincarnate to come back to earth. There are astonishing photos of the soul leaving the body (https://bit.ly/3hv3WFZ). Sometimes the lessons we need to learn may appear harsh, but they are necessary to get the person's attention for a change. No one escapes their thoughts and actions, whether positive or negative. Some call this karma or the law of attraction.

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The book mentions, regardless of the justice system on earth, there is a universal justice and reward system, so when people treat others poorly with racism, sexism, or negative inhumane behavior, the universal justice system will take over, and they may be treated poorly in their current life, or their next life if they don't change. On the other hand, if a person lives in peace, harmony, love, and positive light energy, with empathy for others, then that person will reap the rewards in this life, or in their next life, or afterlife. Different energies create a magnet, attracting more of the same. You may have noticed this on a subtle level. For example, you get something new, and then you see or hear about it everywhere.

According to a five-star review, by Gisela Dixon, "The author knew exactly what he/she was talking about because of how effortlessly the author seems to be able to converse equally knowledgeable about matters of ancient Vedic philosophy, spirituality, and enlightenment. I loved the blending of these two subjects in one book and couldn't agree more with the points raised. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of America, and humanity in general."

A. L. Bryant

Source: A. L. Bryant
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