"What is Air-Roasted Coffee?": Invader Coffee Brews The Answer with Its Whiskey-flavored Coffee Blend

Invader Coffee
Invader Coffee, an ultra-premium, veteran-owned coffee company, redefines the "good coffee" standards with its brand-new whiskey-flavored coffee blend.

AUSTIN, Texas - Txylo -- Finding a good brew of flavored coffee can be quite a struggle. As the awareness of specialty coffee permeates the market and consumer choices grow beyond commodity coffee, Invader Coffee steps in to take every coffee lover's experience up a notch.

Renowned for its expertise in small, handcrafted batches, Invader Coffee added another flavor to its artisanal, air-roasted coffee line with a unique coffee-whiskey blend.

Invader Coffee's whiskey flavored coffee blend offers pure Tennessee whiskey flavor with hints of molasses, caramel, and vanilla, featuring an air-roasted coffee with a rich, oaky aroma. Offering a perfect unison of coffee and whiskey, this brand-new flavor take suffices every whiskey lover and caffeine enthusiast for that extra kick of brain juice.

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With their ever-expanding artisanal quality flavor line having a coffee fit for every palate, the brand raised the bar of premium coffee through an authentic air-roasted process.

On being asked, "what is air-roasted coffee exactly, and how does it create a difference?" the founder and CEO of Invader Coffee, Wes Whitlock, said that the commercially available offers a burnt, acidic aftertaste, a sign of poor quality.

"The conventional drum roasters don't get rid of the chaff (the outer shell) responsible for the poor quality. However, in an air roaster, the chaff rises and separates from the beans in a synthetic cyclone in an air roaster that leaves the final product with smooth, low acidity roast."

The air roasting process further preserves the flavor that is responsible for the smooth, rich Invader Coffee experience.

Through 100% fair trade, 100% blend of south/ central American coffee beans, and a 100% money-back guarantee, the Invader promise ensures NO BS and No filler while falling in the proud percentile of 1% of the total coffee production coming from air-roasting.

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Quality coffee often comes at an expense. However, Invader Coffee believes that good coffee shouldn't make anyone think about their budget twice through their line while pushing accessibility one flavor profile at a time.

In addition to taking pride in delivering the best coffee experience, the company also provides in-house accessories and quality apparel featuring quirky prints and comfortable material for loyal Invader enthusiasts.

About Invader Coffee:

Committed to making artisanal quality coffee that is accessible, Invader Coffee is a one-of-a-kind, air-roasted coffee brand. Based in Texas, the veteran-owned company is dedicated to respecting the well-being of its consumers, the environment, and the coffee farmers with its responsible sourcing, ethical practices, and quality handcrafted production.

Invader Coffee

Source: Invader Coffee

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