"WW3 Kidz" (a Takeo Tama original) [Scene-Test Drops September 24, 2022]

The first "Five" scene-tests for "WW3 Kidz", a new concept-series by: Takeo Tama entertainment-enterprises will begin showcasing between 8:00am through 12:00pm CST at the Official YouTube channel: youtube.com/takeotama

SAN ANTONIO - Txylo -- Officially pivoting the "Music" focused entity known as Takeo Tama into the realm of Film-making and micro feature-presentations, the preliminary test-footage for their new series-concept titled, "WW3 Kidz" shall begin unveiling between 8:00am and 12:00pm CST via YouTube.



An invading army threatens the livelihood of every citizen globally, however; in one small feat never accomplished successfully before, the invaders enter North-American shores...

"We're not one hundred percent sure where we're going or what we'd do with any of this," Takeo Tama executives explained, "but it's fun and might turn into, something?"

In a stride not formerly taken by the minds behind the curtain, the "Main Title Theme" from the series will also be available for direct-listening on YouTube-Music, something that both the brand and parent-company had left behind due to accounting-discrepancies that at this point-in-time are hopefully resolved.

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"We're more than happy to try and bring our songs to the audience at YouTube once again, and maybe this time, things can go, maybe feel a little more right than they did previous. In conjunction with that, regarding this series idea and plans for access, we think it's great to have the nerve and urge to make the audio portions more directly available, at a quicker pace." Takeo Tama execs concluded.

People interested in viewing the series debut and listening to the original soundtrack recording may do so by visiting:


Hopes for what the series may or may not become remain centered on the fact that audiences may prefer polished Disney or Netflix styled presentations over independently driven filmographies, but, Takeo Tama holds its head high to the possibility of making something raw, uninhibited, and perhaps enjoyable in a different way, altogether.

About Takeo Tama:

Takeo Tama is a "Music" focused entertainment creator, offering a variety of Songs spanning many styles including Classical, Electro, Pop, Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

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Takeo Tama
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