Young Caleb Marshall Held 3 years in jail without trial on False Allegation Charges

Caleb Marshall turned himself in believing He would be exonerated doing the right thing for self defense when pre-emptedly jumpbed a a previously scorned girlfriend her mother and sister. All three jumped him trespassing in the boys dorm at SFA.

WILLIS, Texas - Txylo -- Many women abuse the law enforcement authorities for personal vendettas and revenge. Caleb's story has never been heard in the court of law nor in any other way. He was appointed a court lawyer by the name of Dr. Clay Thomas long time trial attorney at law of the Nacogdoches Texas Area.  The System is designed to extract money if there is money to be had. Caleb Marshall was indicted for Assault with a deadly Weapon and Family violence by people who aren't his family for protecting himself when jumped by three women over a previous altercation.  The mother decided to be a vigilante and chase him down and make him pay for hurting their feelings along with her two daughters. What is the consequence of their trespassing in the boys dorm uninvited to assault Caleb? Where are their charges? Caleb  turned himself in at the encouragement of his parents in order not to be killed by police.  :Thirteen U.S. Marshall's showed up at our front door with guns drawn on Caleb's mother and two little brothers as they were sleeping," said Rev Carl Ray Marshall Sr. Caleb's Father.  I was a Correctional Officer with the Texas Department of Criminal justice with Veteran Status with the US Army and Navy, "They didn't have to treat my wife and children that way" says Rev Marshall.  Rev. Marshall Called the District Attorney but has not been able to talk with them. He called the SFA Police Department and Left a message but no response was given.  :I am currently locked up in jail here in Nacogdoches County. I've been incarcerated for over two years and 7 months on hearsay.  This County is Notorious for arresting people with little to no evidence .  Most people in jail aren't from Nacogdoches and were just passing through .  They treat the inmates like dogs and feed us slop like pigs.  We are just cattle generating revenue for Nacogdoches and their legal system.   There is no justice being done here if a person is being held and wrongfully convicted with no evidence.  There are specific rules and regulations that aren't being followed. Where is President Joe Biden? Where was Trump? Where is Justice?  The Texas Law Book is what the Court Claims to go --off of, but when the Laws is presented Nacogdoches Judges and DA's state  "We do things different in NAC." Legalism is being used as a form of weaponized entrapment.  There are numerous amounts of men and women being denied due process in Court; But what can you do when your bond is too high to bond out?  Or when your Court Appointed Attorney won't work for you?  Or when the Judge denies every single motion that can CHANGE things in your favor?   I've seen the discovery packet and there is no evidence at all that proves or states I committed any crime.  NO Trials are being ran in Nacogdoches even though other neighboring counties are running in person court and trials.  Law Library has not been available to inmates for over 2 years.  The Court and the jail are using excuses like COVID for the reason being for violating our constitutional rights; like due process, Law Library, and bond reductions, ect.  Inmates such as myself have written Law makes, State Bar,  and the State Commissioner grievances on these issues.  Its not fair for the inmates with lives and families being compromised by a legal system that does not work.  Its also not fair for the Courts to break the Law and the Constitution while allegedly trying to practice the law.  I've followed every legal procedure to get the help I need, but nothing is being done.  We have rights as human beings.  Where are they?   The Court will reset inmates several months to years at a time before you every go back to court.  I've been reset too many times since I told the Court to set me for trial over two years ago.  I've written up my court appointed attorney and the judge "Judge Klein" .  Nacogdoches County  doesn't even let inmates fire lawyers who don't want to defend them.  Its all set up for the defendant to fail , and ultimately face prison time.  The Court will make you sit in jail until you are ready to sign your life away on a plea deal .,  Most inmates who sign say they signed because they were tired of waiting to go to trial .  Most people who sign a plea deal say they felt like they could have beat the charges , but they didn't want to sit any longer , or be railroaded by their lawyers. The whole time I've been in jail , my Court Appointed Attorney has not filed one motion for me.  I've been in jail for over 2 1/2 years ."Don't forget I gave Clay Thomas an autographed picture, lottery ticket from the Dallas Cowboy number 88 Drew Pearson. I gave them to him for Caleb's defense. I guess i wasn't rich enough," says Rev Marshall  Caleb Continues,"  My time is being wasted and my freedom is being played with like my life doesn't even matter. The only inmates who have any kind of chance to escape the possibility of doing prison times:  are the ones with PAID attorneys, or the ones who bond out of jail and fight their case from the free world.  The legal system has become a trap for the poor, and a snare for the minority.  Racial prejudice plays  a big part as well, but everyone is a victim in my eyes.   Most Courts would simply throw out any case lacking sufficient evidence to convict a person.  Not Nacogdoches!  They want to see you behind bars at all cost;  Even if you are innocent.  Once they arrest you, you're guilty in their eyes.  I firmly believe if I was fortunate enough to bond out, I could beat my case very easily..  I also believe if I had an attorney that was willing to defend my freedom, that I would have made it back home years ago.  But its hard to find help when people only see orange and white,"

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Source: Caleb Luke Marshall via Father Rev Carl Marshall

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